Abe-no Monju-in Temple | The Cosmos Maze is popular in Nara

If you look for seeing cosmos flowers in Nara, it is better to go to Abe-no Monju-in Temple in Sakurai-city, Nara. 

Abe-no Monju-in Temple itself is historically interesting place to visit. You can understand the Japanese worship of Wisdom and intellect in this temple.


What is Abe-no Monju-in Temple in Nara? 

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Abe-no Monju-in was funded in 645 in Sakurai-city, Nara Japan.  This temple is one of the oldest temples in Japan. The main object for worship in this temple is “Manjushiri”, the bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect. 

Bodhisattva Manjusuri is called “Monju” in Japan. Here,  we sometimes say a Japanese old saying “Out of the counsel of three comes the wisdom of Monju” when we need to have better ideas. The saying means that if three people think together even they are ordinary people, it can help to come up with a better idea than thinking by oneself. 

Birth place of Abeno Seimei

 Abeno Seimei is one of the most famous yin-yang master to calm ghosts with his witchcraft in Japanese history. 

Even now, a lots of worshippers visit Abe-no Monjyu-in temple to pray for getting protected against bad luck and evil spirits. 

Popular temple for Cosmos in Nara

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Abe-no Monju-in temple is very popular of cosmos. The best season to see the cosmos there is around Mid September to late October. 

Information about Abe-no Monjyu-in temple in Nara

Name: Abe-no Monju-in Temple

Address: 645 Abe, Sakurai City

Access: 20 min walk from JR or Kintetsu Sakurai station

Tel: 0774-43-0002



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