Cafe Wakakusa | Cafeteria-popular for crapes in Nara

When you travel to Nara in Japan and look for a cafeteria around Kintetsu Nara station, you can stop by at Cafe Wakakusa. It takes only 3 minutes from Kintetsu Nara station in Nara city.


Cafe Wakakusa

cafe wakakusa

Cafe Wakakusa is a cafeteria in Nara city, which is popular for various kinds of original pancakes.

The menu of Cafe Wakakusa


When you get tired of your travel, it is important to have a rest.  In Cafe Wakusa, Cafe Latte can make you feel relaxed. 


The crapes of Wakakusa Cafe are not only sweet ones so you can order the not sweet crapes for your lunch.

Wifi is available in Cafe Wakakusa

wifi is available

When you travel in Japan, it sometimes difficult to find Wifi. But Cafe Wakakusa provides free Wifi so you can search travel information with having a coffee. The speed of Wifi is high so Cafe Wakakusa is one of the best cafeterias where you can access to Internet near from Kintetsu Nara station.

The owner of Cafe Wakakusa

The owner of Cafe Wakakusa is very energetic guy who not only runs this cafeteria but also has been a host in Couch Surfing. So he has got accustomed to welcome foreign travelers in Nara. He also launched a new project called “Global Cafe Guide”.

Global Cafe Guide

global cafe guide

Global Cafe Guide introduces heaps of cafeterias all over the world. The owner of the Cafe Wakakusa made thousands of emails to make a contact with an owner of cafeteria in different countries and some of them accepted his offer to make this Global Cafe Guide.



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