More deers than humans? Count the number of deers in Nara park!


Let’s count how many deers are there in Deer park

In Newzeland, there are more sheep than humans. In the deer park, there are more deers than humans, so let’s count the numbers of them together!

First deer found.(With cute eyes, lovely!) deer

Second deer found.(Looking at somewhere,cool!) IMG_8983

Third deer found.(Maybe, she is hiding from someone.) IMG_6628

Fourth deer, not anymore.I gave up counting them・・・

I gave up counting them by myself, so I looked for some statistics showing the numbers of deers in Nara park. According toFoundation for the protection of deer in Nara,there are 1,191 of deers in Nara park in 2015. All of them are wild animals, not protected ones. (It’s impossible for counting 1,191 deers by myself, so it was good choice to give it up.)Why are there so many deers in Nara park?

Deer in Nara was a messager of God?

It is said that a God of “Takemikadtsuchi” rode on a deer for coming to Kasuga taisha shrine when it was founded. That is why deers in Nara park have been treated very warmly in Nara. The deers in the park are as natural treasures, so it is restricted for hunting them without a permission which leads to increasing the numbers of deers there.