Fujin Shokudou | Reasonable Japanese restaurant near from Kintetsu Shinoomiya station in Nara

If you travel around Nara and stay near from Kintetsu Shinoomiya station, Fujin Shokudou is a good Japanese restaurant with reasonable prices.


Fujin Shokudou in Nara

Fujin Shokudou is owned by “Fujin Group” who has many restaurants in Nara. Fujin restaurant is the one of the most reasonable restaurants among the restaurants of Fujin Group. It is near from Kintetsu Nara station in Nara, Japan.

The menu of Fujin Shokudou


In Fujin Shokudou, we can order the classic beer called “Akahoshi” which is brewed by Sapporo beer company in Japan. Many old Japanese guys loves it and look for the places where they can have it.

today's special

We can order a today’s Sashimi special in Fujin Shokudou. The today’s special has three different kinds of fishes.

fujin shokudou inside

There are normally 3 staffs working at Fujin Shokudou. They are very friendly and if you want to order your meals, you can raise your hand and ask for them to come to your table


This is the menu of the foods in Fujin Shokudou. Most of them are really reasonable prices. From my experience, if you drink a couple of beers and have some foods with 2 people, it costs around 5,000yen to 6,000yen.

Access and Location

It takes 5 minutes from Kintesu Shinoomiya station. There are many restaurants around this area.