Golden Rabbit Beer: A new craft beer of Nara

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What is Golden Rabbit Beer?

Golden Rabbit Beer is the company which was established in 2015 to sell a new craft beer of Nara. The location of company is in Ikoma city in Nara.

The new craft beer “Soramitsu”

“Soramitsu” is the name of the first product of Golden Rabbit Beer. It is a pilsner type, and Czech’s Saaz hop is used for it.


Why is the name of beer related to a rabbit?

Nara is famous for deers in Nara park, so many people try to name some products related to a deer when they create a new product. But this company is named as Golden Rabbit Beer because there is a hidden reason why the producer wanted consumers know it. Please read this excerpt from website.

Nara is famous for a deer, isn’t it?But there is a story about a rabbit in Nara too. Do you know the rabbit which is enshrined in the famous Sake God in Miwa mountain in Nara? It is said if you pet the rabbit, you can get healed on your aching points of your body. Like this rabbit. our beer would like to contribute for consumer’s health and happy life. This wish is included into it’s name.

Where can we buy “Soramitsu”?

Thisofficial webpageor“Wine prince”also started selling “Soramitsu” in their shop too.




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