Guesthouse Oku | Japanese styled guest house managed by a lovely female owner

If you look for a place to stay in Nara, Guesthouse Oku is your choice.



Guesthouse Oku

guesthouse oku

Guesthouse Oku is a backpacker’s inn in Nara, Japan. It started April in 2016 and it is managed by a female owner who is good at Italian.

Rooms in Guesthouse Oku

  • Dormitory room
  • dormitory room

    In Guesthouse Oku, there are 2 double bunk beds in the dormitory room. It is suitable for a single traveler to this room

  • Private room
  • private room

    This private room can afford 3 people. The room is a Japanese tatami room with the sliding door decorated by a Japanese “Sumie” artist.

Facilities in Guesthouse Oku

There are newly set facilities like a washstand, shower room and toilet

  • Washstand
  • wash stand

  • Shower room
  • shower room

  • Toilet
  • toilet

The Access and Location

It takes 5 minutes from Kintetsu Nara station on foot.



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