Gyoki Bosatsu Statue: the history of Archbishop Gyoki [Kintetsu Nara-Nara city]

Gyoki Bosatsu Statue is a popular meeting place in Nara city now. It is located next to Kintetsu Nara station and you can see lots of people waiting in front of the statue.
Gyoki statue


Who is a priest Gyoki?

Gyoki was a Japanese Buddhist priest in Nara period. He contributed lots of constructions of temples and public works in Japan when he traveled around Japan. He was regarded as “a famous priest who tried to help the people in a difficult conditions so he was elevated to Archbishop.

The great contribution for Todaiji-temple
Gyoki Archbishop dedicated his later life for the construction of the Great Buddha at Todaiji-temple in Nara. He helped Emperor Shomu who tried to construct the temple and the statue of the Great Buddaha.

Fundraising effort by Gyoki Bosatsu

Gyoki statue
Gyoki traveled around Japan to make a fundraising for the construction. He told the people that the Great Buddha was a symbol of peace, and brought happiness to Japan. His enthusiasm encouraged many people to come to the construction project from lots of different areas in Japan and donate necessary things for the construction.

As a meeting place in Nara

If you plan to meet up with someone in Nara city, Gyoki Bosatsu Statue is well known as a place meeting up by locals so this is one of the best places for meeting up in Nara city.



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