Housekibako: Popular shaved ice shop in Nara


Housekibako in Nara


Housekibako is one of the most popular shaved ice shops in Nara. Nara is currently a popular place for having a shaved ice in Japan. The shaved ice shop Housekibako tries to promote Nara for making Nara as the popular place for shaved ices in Japan.

The specialty of Housekibako


In Japan, a shaved ice is called “Kakigori” which is served with many kinds of syrups. The shaved ice of Housekibako is very soft so it prevents making you have a headache. The shaved ice above is the popular menu of Housekibako, “Strawberry shaved ice”.

shaved ice

You can also order the shaved ice with Matcha syrups. Especially in summer time,  Matcha shaved ice let you feel cool. 

Access and Location

From Kintetsu Nara station, it takes 7 minutes on foot to Housekibako.



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