Kakinoha-sushi-The specialty food in Nara



What is “Kakinoha-sushi”?

Kakinoha-sushi refers to the sushi wrapped with a persimmon leaf, and is one of the local Japanese dishes in Nara, Wakayama, and Ishikawa Prefectures

The history of “kakinoha-sushi”

To talk about the history of “kakinoha-sushi”, we have to look back on the “Edo-era”. In the south west of Nara prefecture, there is a “Yoshino river” in Gojyo city. Because of the river, the industry of a forestry flourished around there. The prosperity made the distribution of timbers from the downstream, “Kino-river” to the estuary, “Kino-river” developed too. However, it was not developed as it is today, so it was difficult for the people around this area to have a fresh sea fish at that time.So, people came up with the idea to wrap a sushi into a persimmon leaf which could keep it fresh.

Why is it wrapped by a persimmon leaf?

There were two reasons for it, the nature of a persimmon leaf and the location of Gojyo city. A persimmon leaf has an effect to prevent drying. Gojyo city was very popular for a production of persimmons. In recent years, the polyphenol in a persimmon leaf is proved to have an antibacterial effect. That is why “Kakinoha-sushi” is a food with a long life nature.

Where to buy?

Tanaka (https://www.kakinohasushi.co.jp/)



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