Minsyuku Omoya: Relaxing homestay in rural area of Nara


Minsyuku Omoya

The house of Omoya is a traditional Japanese house which has been in Mitsue village in Udaciy in Nara for more than 200 years. Omoya is located in front of “Ise-kaido Road” (Ise Hon-kaido Road) which lies from Nara city to Ise Jingu shrine.

A room of Omoya


You can stay at traditional Japanese rooms in Minsyuku Omoya in Nara. If you want, there is a courtyard where you can do a BBQ.

Movie about Mitsue village

This movie is about the Ise-kaido road from Mitsue village in Nara to Ise jingu shrine in Mie. The language of the move is in English but you can feel something from the movie.



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