Ramen Mitsuha | Must go ramen restaurant in Nara

If you travel to Nara, Japan and look for the most popular ramen restaurant in Nara, Ramen Mitusha is the best ramen restaurant in Nara.

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Ramen Mitsuha


Ramen Mitsuha is the most popular ramen restaurant in Nara, Japan. Some ramen freaks from other countries look for the ramen in this restaurant.

The menu of Ramen Mitsuha

menu http://ramengers.com/

There are 2 main ramens in Ramen Mitsuha. Soysause based ramen and Salt based ramen.You can order more noodles for free.(1.5 times more than usual)

  • Soysauce based soup ramen: 700yen
  • Salt based soup ramen: 700yen


If you like porks, you can order the ramen with baked porks. They are so yummy.

Information about Ramen Mitsuha

Name Ramen Mitsuha
opening hours 11:00-13:30
Day off  Sunday, National holiday
 TEL 0742-51-0328
English menu not available

The Access and Location

It takes 4 minutes from Kintetsu Tomio station.



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