Mt. Miwa | Sacred mountain in Sakurai City in Nara

When you travel to Nara and look for some traditional and sacred tourist places, Mt.Miwa is a good destination for you. You can feel the ancient worship style in Japan in Mt.Miwa.



Mt. omiywa
Mt.Miwa is located in Sakurai city which is on the northern part of Nara prefecture.

According to Kojiki and Nihon shoki(oldest chronicles in Japan), gods exist in Mt.Miwa and the object of worship is Mt.Miwa by itself.

As for the feature of Mt.Miwa, the height is around 467 meters and the shape is conical.


mitsu torii
There are triple torii gates on the back of Haiden(the worship hall). It consist of one big torii and one small trlii stood on either side.

These torii gates shows the boundary between the off limits area and the worship hall.

The Access and Location

You can go to Mt.Miwa from JR Miwa station.



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