High speed “Mochi pounding”, “Nakatanido”


What is “Nakatanido”?

“Nakatanido” is a Wagashi(Japanese confectionery ) store located on Sanjyo-street in Nara city. If you walkd from JR station heading for “Sarusawa lake”, you can find a crowd on your right side. It’s the place of this store.


What makes “Nakatanido” popular?

The reason of the popularity comes from the high speed process of making a “mochi”(sticky rice). The process is often broadcasted by Japanese TV shows. It’s worth for seeing the high speed mochi pounding onece you get there.

What should we eat first?

“Yomogi mochi”is one of the most popular and recommended thing to eat in “Nakatanido”. “Yomogi mochi is a rice-flour dumplings mixed with mugwort. You can enjoy the sweet taste of an adzuki beans inside of the dumplings.

Youtube about high speed mochi pounding

Official web site of “Nakatanido”




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