Nara Dreamland | The future of abandoned amusement park in Nara

If you travel to Nara, Japan and have an interest in an abandoned theme park, Nara Dreamland is your destination.



What is “Nara Dreamland?

Beofore Universal studios in Japan opened in Osaka, there used to be a amusement park in Nara. The name of the amusement park is “Nara Dreamland”. People say that it was as crowded as Disney land in Tokyo at that time. “Dream land” was a “Dream ” place for many kids especially who lived around “Kansai area”(around Kyoto, Osaka, Nara).

How about the present situation?

As you may know, it is so difficult to manage a theme park in a depression. For example, Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki which was also a popular amusement park in Nagasaki prefecture went into a bankruptcy. “Nara Dreamland” also got bankrupted in 2006, but this news was broadcasted in Nov 2015.

The site of “Nara Dreamland” which went into a bankrupt in 2006 was on the second public sale, and a real estate company in Osaka bought it at 700 million 30 million yen. The company which had about 300,000 square kilometers of lands in the amusement park could not pay the rates at 600 million yen, so the lands and buildings had been seized by Nara city. Nara city opened a public sale for them in Nov 2014, but no one participated in it because there were so many restrictions for the construction to the lands.730 million yen was minimum estimated value in the second public sale in Nov 2015. The real estate company in Osaka made a successful bid at the minimum price. The official announcement for the sale will be done in 17th of Nov. MBS:

The future of “Dream land”

The future of “Dream land” after the success of the public sale is one of the most popular topics in Nara now. Many residents in Nara are worried and curious about the use of the huge lands. A shopping mall in a suburb or a new amusement park are the two probable guesses.

Is it possible to enter “Dream land now in Nov 2015, “?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do that. There are some guards walking around the park, so you may be cautioned or arrested because of an unlawful entry there. There are some geeks who love the ruins of amusement parks in this world. For them, the result of the open sale for “Dream land” was shocking news. If I were in a ruin of amusement park alone, I could imagine the similar world of Tim Burton.



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