How to go to Nara from KIX ? (Kansai International Airport)

If Kansai international airpot is your landing place in Japan and plan to go to Nara, there are couple of ways to go there. Please find your best way from here. 


Nara Kotsu Bus (Limousine bus)

nara kotsu bus

This is my recommended way to come to Nara from KIX.
There is one limousine bus for almost every hour from KIX to Nara. If you would like to see more exact time table of the buses, please visit this web site of Nara Kotsu bus company.


2,050 yen/one way for Adult

1,300 yen/one way for Child

Time 60min~90min
Time table

You can Not make a reservation from KIX to Nara. Only available from Nara to KIX. 

Kintetsu Train


If you do not want to take a limousine bus, I recommend you to come to Nara by Kintetsu train. 

Nankai Kansai International Airport station to Nankai Namba station
by Nankai train. 

Change the train from Nankai train to Kintetsu train. 

Kintetsu Namba station to Kintetsu Nara station
by Kintetsu train. 


(discounted price, only available for buying a ticket at Nankai Kansai International Airport station ticket office)
Normally, it costs 1,480yen.

Time 90min

JR Train (For JR raill way pass holder’s)


If you have bought a JR Railway pass and save your money, it is a good idea to take a JR train from KIX to Nara. 

JR Kansai International Airport station to JR Tennoji Station 
by JR rapid train heading for Kyobashi station
JR Tennoji station to JR Nara station
by JR rapid train heading for JR Nara station

Fare 1,710yen
Time 90min

There is one problem by getting to JR Nara station. It is that JR Nara station is far from the popular attractions in Nara city, so if you do not stay near from JR Nara station, I recommend you to go to Kintetsu Nara station. 

Where to get your bus off?

In Nara city, there are 2 bus stops where you can get off your limousine bus.

Kintetsu Nara station bus stop: Most of popular attractions in Nara like Todaiji temple, Nara park and Kasugataisha shrine are near from here.
JR Nara station bus stop: It is far from the attractions but you can take a loop bus going around Nara city from here.