Nara Marathon: 42km full marathon in Nara city, Japan

If you plan to travel to Nara on December and have an interest in a marathon, there is a full marathon called “Nara Marathon” which is held in Nara city in Japan.


Nara Marathon

Nara marathon is a 42km full marathon held in Nara city in Japan. The marathon started from 2009 and you can run around famous tourist attractions in Nara like Todaiji temple, Kofukuji temple and Kasuga taisha shrine. If you are lucky, you can run with deers in Nara.

The course of Nara Marathon

It starts from Konoike stadium to Tenri city hall in Tenri city. Turn back at Tenri city hall to Konoike stadium. 

Access and Location

Konoike stadium is the starting place and the goal of the Nara marathon. 

From Kintetsu Nara station, it takes around 30 minutes on foot.
On the day of Marathon, the parking lot in the Konoike stadium is not available so the use of public transportation is recommended. 

Movie of Nara Marathon

If you have an interest in join in Nara marathon, there is a official web site.  You can make an entry with you prefarred lunggage from there.



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