Nara Toka-e: A candle light illumination event in Summer [Nara city]


What is Nara Toka-e?

candle illumination
Nara Toka-e is a candle light illumination event which is held in Summer in Nara city, Japan. You can see about 20,000 beautiful candles illuminated during this event.

When is Nara Toka-e?

August 5th- 14th in every Summer.

Make your wish

In Nara Toka-e, you can buy a cup for a candle and place it in a certain site. If you wanna make a wish, it is a good idea to try it.

Where are main illuminations sites?

Todaiji temple

Kohfukuji temple

Kasuga Taisha Shrine


Sarusawa Pond

Ukigumo Enchi Field

Asajigahara Field


The Nara National Museum

Kasugano Enchi Field