“Nara Uchiwa”(“Nara traditional fan”)



What is Nara Uchiwa

There are various kinds of Japanese traditional fans in Japan. Of course, we have the one in Nara which is called “Nara Uchiwa”. The feature of “Nara Uchiwa” is it’s openwork style.

You can see the many unique decorations about Nara, like a deer and a five story pagoda in a Nara Uchiwa. The various kinds of colors in Nara Uchiwa still attracts many young women who love cute colors.

IN Nara era(There used to be Nara era like Edo era around 710), Nara Uchiwa was made as a manual homework of a Shinto priest in Kasuga Taisha shrine.

Where can we buy Nara Uchiwa?

On the middle of Sanjyo-street, there is a Nara Uchiwa Store called “Ikeda-gankoudo”. This is the only one remaining craft shop still creates a “Nara Uchiwa” in Nara city, and it opened over 150 years ago.

Who makes Nara Uchiwa?

The third of “Ikeda-gankoudo” makes Nara Uchiwa now. His intention about creating Nara Uchiwa is that Nara Uchiwa is not art but a daily use thing, so he wants users to use Nara Uchiwa as a fan. That is why there are lots of cares about the usability of Nara Uchiwa in his work.

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