Nara Hotel | Exquisite hotel for state or official guests in Nara

When you plan to travel to Nara,Japan and look for a exquisite hotel, Nara Hotel is the best hotel in Nara city.


Nara Hotel

nara hotel

Nara Hotel is a traditional hotel in Nara which has more than 100 years history. Nara Hotel is located to a hill of the Nara park and there is a Japanese garden with it. You can enjoy the combination of western and Japanese interiors in the hotel.

Restaurants in Nara Hotel


There are 2 restaurants in Nara Hotel, french restaurant “MIKASA” and Japanese restaurant ”HANAGIKU”.

Main Dining Room ”MIKASA”

Main Dining Room ”MIKASA”

MIKASA is a french restaurant where you can enjoy french course with using ingredients from Nara. It offers you various kinds of wines from all over the world. 

Japanese Restaurant ”HANAGIKU”

Japanese Restaurant ”HANAGIKU”

HANAGIKU is a Japanese restaurant where you can have sophisticated Japanese cuisine. You can order a Japanese sake brewed in Nara.

Bar in Nara Hotel

nara hotel bar

There is a authentic bar in Nara Hotel. There is a world wide coctail competition called “World Class” and the top 3 ranked bartender in 2013 works in this bar. 

Room in Nara Hotel

room in Nara Hotel

There are luxury rooms in Nara Hotel. It is worth staying by paying more fee than your usual travel. Many retired Japanese people also want to stay at these luxury rooms in Nara Hotel. 

The Access and Location

It takes 15 minutes from Kintetsu Nara station



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