Autumn season in Nara park (deer park), Japan

When you travel to Nara in Japan and stroll around the Nara park in the Autumn season, you can see these kinds of sceneries there.


Nara park with a deer

narapark 4

You can see many deers walking around Nara park. It is a good time to take a photo with deer with the background of autumn colored leaves

Kasugano enchi area

nara park 2

Kasugano enchi area is one of the most huge places in Nara park. There is a river nearby so it is a beautiful place in Nara.

Kofukuji Temple

nara park 1

You can see Kofukuji temple with a different seasonal color. In Autumn season, it is the best time to enjoy Autumn colored leaves with a world heritage place.



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