The top 3 noodle restaurants in Nara, Japan

If you look for a noodle restaurant in Nara city, Japan, these 3 restaurants are recommend by lock residents in Nara. The price for the restaurants are also reasonable but the tastes are amazing, so it is better to try them!


Kamaiki (Udon restaurant, Nara)


Kamaiki is the one of the best Udon restaurants. It is 2min away from the Kintetsu Nara station.You can enjoy chewy noodles called”Sanuki Udon” there. More information about this Udon restaurant is from here.

Gen (Soba restaurant, Nara)


Gen was one starred Soba restaurant in Nara by Michelin guide. The restaurant is a renovated Japanese traditional house which is used to be a villa of a famous Sake brewery’s family in Nara city(“Harushika” is a popular sake for its brewery). More information about this Soba restaurant is from here.

Fujimon seimen (Ramen restaurant, Nara)

pork soup ramen

RAMEN FUZIMON’S (called “Fujimon seimen” in Japanese) is a ramen restaurant which opened in July, 2015 in Nara city. It is quite a new restaurant but the popularity of this ramen restaurant is surprising. It only opens for a lunch time. More information about this Soba restaurant is from here.