Odaigahara | One of the most secluded regions in Nara, Japan

Odaigahara must be your destination in Nara, if you have an interest in an adventure. You can enjoy the most secluded regions in Nara, Japan.


Odaigahara in Yoshino, Nara


Odaigahara is a mountain in Yoshino which is located between Nara prefecture and Mie Prefecture in Japan. Odaigara is one of the places in YOSHINOKUMANO National Park of Japan. 

The height of Odaigahara is around 1,694 meters. It is chosen as 100 mountains in Japan.

Odaigahara is a place for hiking

In Odaigahara, there are 2 ways to go to the mountain, eastern side and western side. 

The east side is popular for its fine view from the mountain. 

The west side attracts people because of its spiritual nature. There are lots of moss and trees in the forest. 

Beautiful stars in Odaigahara


If you have a chance to stay at Odaigahara in Nara, you can see lots of stars there. It is too cold in winter time so it is better to go to the mountain in Summer. 

Access and location of Odaigahara

1 hours 40 minutes from Kintetsu Yamato Kamiichi Station on a bus. 



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