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Creators share office in officecamp Higashiyoshino in Nara

“OFFICE CAMP HIGASHIYOSHINO” started in Higashiyoshino village which is located in the eastern part of Nara prefecture. The office itself is used to be a Japanese traditional house and the age of the house was more than 70 years old.

It was renovated to be a share office on March in 2015. Around the office, there are lots of natures like forest and a rive. You can be concentrate on your work with being surrounded by such natures. The fee for a day is only 500yen. If you are a freelancer, you should try working there!

Who are managing “OFFICE CAMP”?

Two of Japanese creators manage this office. They are asked to do it by the village office. Both of them are orginally not from Nara prefecture, but they chose to work in Higashiyoshino village in some reasons. (When you get there, you can ask them the reasons)

Why is “OFFICE CAMP” attractive?

THe most impressive thing there is that we can work with lots of nature. The sound, smell, and everything in nature give us more creativity and concentration. It’s the best situation to work in such an atmosphere. There is a beautiful river next to the office, so we can see it from the office anytime.


Address:610-2 ogawa higashiyoshinomura yoshinogun Naraprefecture [By car]It takes 1:30 from Osaka city [By train and bus]From ShinOsaka station, 2hours, From Kintetsu “Haibara”station, you can take a bus heading for “Higashiyoshinoyakuba”bus stop. Be careful for the bus on Sat and Sun. On those two days, the bus does not go to “Higashiyoshinoyakuba”bus stop. So you should go to “Utano” bus stop from “Haibara” station first, and change a bus(The bus is called” Higashiyoshinomura community bus). You need to book the community bus in advance. The phone numbers for the booking are as follows, 0746-32-5050 (Business time:6:30~19:00)



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