Rairaitei Narajyoshidaimae: A ramen restaurant where you can enjoy a ramen with a great soysauce soup[Kintetsu Nara-Nara city]

ramen (http://www.panoramio.com/photo/75726498)

If you look for a ramen restaurant near from Nara women’s university, “Rairaitei Narajyoshidaimae” ramen restaurant is a good choice for you. “Rairaitei” is one of the biggest ramen chain companies in Kasai area. The uniqueness of ramen in Rairaitei is its use of Chicken and soy sauce for making a soup. choosing noodle


How to order a ramen

When you order your ramen, you have some choices for making your ramen matching your taste

Firmness of noodles
Soft, Hard
Soy sause Light, Strong
Backfat Without, Additional
Cayenne pepper powder Without, Optional
Chopped green onion Without, Additional
Barbecued pork  Without, With

The menu of this restaurant

barbecued pork
You can have a set menu around 1,000yen. Every set menu has a ramen, rice and something which depends on set menus.

You can also order a la carte menu like a Gyoza, Fried chicken etc.

drink menu
If you wanna have a beer, they provide some drink menus here.

The access and location

From Kintetsu Nara station, it takes 15min on foot.
From Nara women’s university, it only takes 2min on foot.



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