RAMEN FUZIMON’S: Ramen restaurant with 2 different special soup in Nara, Japan

If you look for a good ramen restaurant with two different kinds of soups based on Fish and pork, RAMEN FUZIMON’S is the best choice for you. 



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RAMEN FUZIMON’S (called “Fujimon seimen” in Japanese) is a ramen restaurant which opened in July, 2015 in Nara city. It is quite a new restaurant but the popularity of this ramen restaurant is surprising. It only opens for a lunch time and once all of the noodles prepared for a day are sold out, they close the restaurant. There are only 8 sheets so it is better to get there as early as possible. 

The menu


There are only 2 different kinds of ramen in this ramen restaurant. It is easy to order for the travelers from other countries.

fish soup ramen

Fish based soup Ramen (700yen)
This soup is made of a kelp from Hokkaido and dried Bonito.

pork soup ramen

Pork based soup Ramen (700yen)
This soup is made of a couple of different boiled pork bones and a brand chicken called “Mikawa red chicken” , and is mixed with the fish soup. 

How to order a ramen

Firstly, Choose your soup from Fish or Pork based.

Secondly, Choose the firmness of your noodles done from “Thin”, “Thick” and “Monthly special”(only available for Wed, Thu).


Name of the restaurant RAMEN FUJIMON’S  (“Fujimon seimen”)
Reservation Not accepted
Opening hours 11:00~14:00 (Only lunch is available)
Closing day Tue
Credit card  Not available 

The location and access

From JR Nara station and Kintetsu Nara station, it takes 10 minutes on foot.

RAMEN FUZIMON’S is located at the street called “Yasuraginomich” which is a wide street in Nara city compared with other streets there.



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