Gen: Michelin starred Soba restaurant in Nara

soba restaurant


「Gen」, Soba restaurant in Nara

In 2016,「Gen」was one starred by Michelin guide. It is a Soba(Japanese noodle) restaurant in Nara.The restaurant is a renovated Japanese traditional house which is used to be a villa of a famous Sake brewery’s family in Nara city(“Harushika” is a popular sake for its brewery).


Recommended restaurant for a lunch in Nara

If you look for a good lunch in Nara city, 「Gen」is one of the best choices for you. At dinner time, they only provide a 10,000yen course menu for 2 groups of guests with a reservation only.But you can have a Soba lunch at lunch time for 1,000yen.


Business time: Lunch 11:30~13:00
        Dinner 18:00〜21:00
Closesing days: Sunday and Monday
Credit card: Not possible

Access and Location of 「Gen」

On foot, 15min from Kintetsu Nara station.
By bus, 10min from JR Nara station heading to “Tenri” and take off at “Fukuchiincho”. From there, 3min on foot.



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