Ninja shoes!! 「Tabi-ji」

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The shop of “Ninja shoes”「Tabi-ji」

There are traditional Japanese socks with the big toes separated called “Tabi”. They are used to be worn when Japanese people wore traditional clothes like Kimono. when foreign travelers see the shoes, many of them call them as “Ninja shoes”. The shop “Tabi-ji” design the Japanese socks and make them more colorful and modern. They are completely different products from which are use to be. In the shop “Tabi-ji”, you can buy many kids of “Ninja shoes” there.


Why the owner of this shop created this shoes?

The owner is used to work as a rickshaw man. At that time, he got many questions about the socks he wore by foreign travelers. Some of them asked the owner about where they could buy the socks. From this experience, he got an idea to design the socks and knew the possibility to sell them.

Where is the shop?

The main store of “Tabi-ji” is located on Sanjyo-street. From JR Nara station, you walk heading to Kofukuji-temple. Before the temple, you can find the sotre on your right side. There is one more place where you can buy the products of “Tabi-ji” in “Higashimuki shopping street.


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