「Tanise suspension bridge in Totsukawa village, Nara」the longest iron wire suspension bridge in Japan



Tanise suspension bridge in Tosukawa village in Nara

Tanise suspension bridge is located at Totsukawa village which is in the souther part of Nara prefecture. The bridge is 297m long and 54m height from the surface of the river.

The feature of Tanise suspension bridge

The most unique aspect of this bridge is that this bridge was constructed for locals who daily pass by here. In 1954, the local people in this area gathered money to invest for the construction by themselves

The location of Tanise suspension bridge

Access to Tanise suspension bridge

There is no direct train from anywhere to Totsukawa village, so you need to drive a car or take a bus.

From Kyoto:
Kyoto→Yamatoyagi(Train.Kintetsu line. 45min)→Onsenchionsen(Bus, Nara kotsu bus.4hours) 

From Nara:
Nara→Yamatoyagi(Train.Kintetsu line. 29min)→Onsenchionsen(Bus, Nara kotsu bus.4hours)