Tenkaippin-Shinoomiya: A ramen restauran where you can enjoy a ramen with a thick soup [Shinoomiya-Nara city]

If you stay at near from Kintetsu Shinoomiya station and look for some reasonable food, Tenkaippin-Shinoomiya ramen restaurant is a good choice for you.


For the lunch menu, they have some kinds of set menus.
Fried rice set= Ramen and half-fried rice (860yen)
Gyoza set = Ramen, Gyoza and rice (860yen)
Fried chicken set= Ramen, Fried chicken and rice (900yen)

shiomiya shop specialty

Tenkaippin-Shinoomiya has a special menu which you can eat only in this restaurant. The name of the special ramen is called “Genkidama-ramen” The specialty of this ramen is the topping of spicy and sweet minced meats. This ramen is only provided 20set for a day.
Genkidama-ramen set= Genkidama-Ramen and rice (980yen)


The location

Its located in front of Kintetsu Shinoomiya station.



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