Nigatsudo hall | National treasure with a great view in Todaiji temple, Nara

If you look for a tourist attraction in Nara, I would like to recommend you to go to Nigatsudo hall in Todaiji temple in Nara city.


Todaiji Nigatsudo hall

todaiji nigatsudohall

Nigatsudo hall is a Buddhist temple which is nominated as a national treasure in Japan. Nigatsudo hall is located next to Todaiji temple, and it is open for 24 hours.

The great view from Nigatsudo hall

nigatsudo hall

One of the good aspects for this attraction in Nara is the view from this Nigatsudo hall. You can see the sunset and the night views of Nara city from here nigatsudo hall night

My recommendation is to go to Todaiji Nigatsudo hall at night because you can see the lighted lanterns here and they are so mysteriously beautiful. 

Event at Nigatsudo hall

There are some traditional events held around Nigatsudo hall.

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The Access and Location

It takes 20 minutes from Kintetsu Nara station on foot. You can walk to Nigatsudo hall from Todaiji temple in 5 minutes on foot.



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