Uneme Shrine: The sad legend of a court lady in 9th century [Kintetsu Nara, Nara Japan]


What is Uneme Shrine

Uneme Shrine is located next to Saruaswa pond. The interesting point in this Shrine is that the torii gate entance faces to Sarusawa Pond but the front of shrine faces opposite side. (Normally, a torii and a front of a shrine face each other)

It is said the reason for constructing this shrine was to comfort the Uneme(a court lady) who committed a suicide.

The sad legend of this shrine

Uneme shrinehttp://himepius.exblog.jp/4420074/
There was a court lady who was fall in love with the Emperor Heizei in 9th century in Japan. However, the lady thought that she had lost the Emperor’s favor so she committed suicide to dive into Sausawa Pond.

This sad legend also says that the entire Shrine turned away mysteriously from the pond because of the tragedy.

Uneme Festival

Uneme festivalhttp://www.lint.ne.jp/nomoto/PHOTOSALON/kinsatu_1209.html
Uneme Festival is held in every middle of September at the Uneme shrine which is next to Sarusawa Pond to comfort the court lady’s soul.

The festival starts from 17:00. You can see the costumed people in a parade starts walking from JR Nara station to Uneme Shrine on Sanjyo street.

At 18:00. there is a memorial service for the court lady at Uneme Shrine. 

From 19:00, you can see the dragon-shaped boat carrying Miss Uneme(Selected every year) sail around the Sarusawa pond. There is Gagaku(ceremonial court music) play on this time so you can enjoy dramatic ancient feeling here. 



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