Wa Yamamura: Michelin 3 stared “Kaiseki” restaurant in Nara, Japan

If you look for a Michelin Japanese “Kaiseki” restaurant in Nara city, Wa Yamamura is the best choice for you. 


Wa Yamamura

restaurant front http://find-travel.jp/article/13064

Wa Yamamura is 3 stared restaurant in Nara by Michelin guide for 4 years since 2012. This is a Japanese style restaurant providing cuisine called “Kaiseki”.”Kaiseki” is a traditional multi-course meal and the term originally meant a meal served at a “chakai”(tea party) by the host who entertain guests to the party.

The menu of this restaurant

menu http://miil.me/v/290728

Dinner time

If you want to have “Kaiseki”, a reservation is necessary. 

“Kaiseki” (The volume of “Kaiseki course depends on prices)
6,500yen (tax not included) 
8,500yen (tax not included)
10,500yen (tax not included)
12,500yen (tax not included)

Seasonal special “Kaiseki”
15,500yen (tax not included)

Restaurant Information

The name of the restaurant Wa Yamamura


Opening hours Dinner 17:30~22:00

Lunch 12:00~15:30

Closing day  Monday
Credit card Available

The access and location

From Kintetsu Nara station, it takes 2 minutes on foot.