What to see in Nara? 3 recommendations from Locals


Nigatsudo hall

nigatsudo hall

Nigatsudo hall is a Buddhist temple which is nominated as a national treasure in Japan. You can see a so beautiful sunset from Nigatsudo hall.

Nigatsudo hall | National treasure with a great view in Todaiji temple, Nara


Mt. Wakakusa night

Mt. Wakakusa is one of the famous spots where you can see a great night views.

It is next to Nara city so you can easily get to the mountain from the city. 

Mt.Wakakusa: One of the three most beautiful night views in Japan.

Omiwa Shrine

omiwa shrine

Omiwa Shrine is the oldest shrine in Japan. It’s in Sakurai City where you can go from Nara city in 30 minutes by train. In the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki which are the Japanese oldest chronicles, there is a mention about the establishment of this shrine.

Omiwa Shrine | Oldest shrine located in Sakurai City




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